Annie who?



You might be reading my blog for a while now. Or you might be here for the first time, wondering who the heck I am. Well then, let me introduce myself.

I am a Greek 24 year old, currently living and studying Leisure Management in the cold and stormy Netherlands.

I write on this blog as a hobby. If you are a frequent visitor, you might have noticed I am into beauty products. But I go a lot further than that.

I enjoy photography, which you will stumble upon on my blog from time to time. I also love traveling, music, cooking and DIY’s, subjects that you will also find on my blog.

What else?

  • I love the sea
  • I listen mostly to metal and post rock music, but enjoy the occasional jazz and classic music as well, and often have the radio or 8tracks playlists playing as background music
  • My favorite colour is turquoise
  • I do volunteer work and love helping out at local music events and festivals
  • After I get my degree, I will set sail and travel for a year in America
  • My one weakness in the whole wide world is coffee and chocolate
  • I am a child of the summer.
  • I was a scout until I was 13, and volunteerd at scouting for years later on
  • I own a lot of make up but 80% of the time I wear nothing or only black eye pencil and maybe a tinted lip balm. So much for your beautie addict
  • Friends and family are important to me
  • I am very social after you get to know me, but when I’m in a new group of people I can hardly get myself to talk
  • I like to keep myself busy, so besides working for school, my blog and my website, I decided to take on Spanish and Italian lessons!
  • If reincarnation is a thing, I probably was a diehard hippie in my past life
  • I have my foul moods, but I am mostly a positive person seeking for the positive things in live
  • I prefer cold salads to warm veggies, the worst being carrots and brussel sprouts *BLEH*. I love all fruit tho
  • Favorite saying: Always smile!





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