Review | Essence The Glow Must Go On palette

essence the glow must go on

Hi awesome peeps!

God, it’s been a while since I wrote here. It’s the craziness of the vacations I guess. You know, when you have no obligations but then you full up your free days with all kinds of fun stuff that there is no actuall free time left at the end of the day. The hard life of celebrating summer at it’s fullest. But I made some time the past couple of days to write a few posts that you will be seeing here the coming weeks. It was a lot of work *wipes away sweat* but I got it done!

Also, for you who didn’t know, I have been posting swatches and new incoming products on Instagram. So on days that you won’t find new articles here, remember to check out my Insta page πŸ™‚

But enough blabber and on the review of the gorgeous Essence The Glow Must Go On palette!

essence the glow must go on 3

As you may, or may not know, Essence launched a Limited Edition collection with some pretty palettes, in collaboration with some famous bloggers. One of these bloggers is Serena Verbon from If you are Dutch you probably know her, and if not then you should. She created this gorgeous palette containing two eyeshadow colours, one highlighter and a glowing bronzer trio, which could also be used as a highlighter or eyeshadow! A very pretty, glowy, multipurpose palette, ideal for taking with you!

The palette is made of sturdy carton matterial, and shuts magnetically. Fancy, might I say. It has a little mirror and a small applicator, which I don’t care for very much but which actually works fine for the price you pay. I was glad to see it wasn’t a sponge applicator though, those things are a thorn in my eye!

essence the glow must go on 4

Look. At. That. Glow! Let’s take one moment of silence to take in the glow that is going on here. Kudos to Serena for creating such an amazing highlighter and bronzer with a budget brand.

F-L-T-R: Honey Glow highlighter, Cinnamon eyeshadow, Sandalwood eyeshadow, Glowing Bronzer

You might just be able to see it on the swatch; the Honey Glow highlighter looks white in the palette but when applied it gives a white hue with golden shimmer. Amazeballs! Personally I stear away from shimmer in my highlighter, but I can see how a lot of people might like it.

And then that bronzer. Ah, that bronzer! The whole reason I bought the palette was the three bronzy colours. I especially love the last colour of the three which I often use as a highlighter for my inner eye corner and I use the rest as eyeshadow. I preffer matte bronzers because I often use a highlighter, but these are gorgeous for that purpose as well.

The pigmentation is spot on! The eyeshadows are on the crubly side, but concidering the price and the brand, I am in awe that Serena managed to pull this off.

essence the glow must go on 2

Loving it! That’s my conclusion. There is nothing else to say!


Did you manage to grab one of these at the Essence counter?


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