TV series | Perception


Crime series are by far my favorite, after ofcourse good quality comedy series. I have watched most of them, since I have probably watched most existing series, so I thought I’d start writting my thought on the ones I’ve seen.

I am going to start with the serie I recently finished watching; Perception.



I prefer watching series when they have gathered a lot of seasons, so I don’t have to wait each week to watch the next episode. It’s like reading one chapter of a book each week. Aint nobody got patience for that.

So, recently I saw an advertisement of Perception on Dutch tv (always so far behind, sight) and noticed Eric McCormack had the lead role. I was intrigued and very curious to see how he would perform.

Truth be told, I have only ever seen him in Will & Grace as far as I know, so I wasn’t sure he was capable of playing the lead role in a crime serie. In my head, he was still gay Will Truman, laughing it of with Grace.

But, I am very pleased to say, I was far from right.


The series mainly revolves around neuropsychiatrist and university professor Daniel Pierce (Eric McCormack), who suffers from both schitzophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder. He uses his knowledge of the brain and human behaviour to help solve crimes, or puzzles as he puts it, with FBI investigator Kate Moretti, played by Rachael Leigh Cook.

On one hand, it’s your typical Law-inforcement-solves-crimes-with-outsiders-help series. Take The Mentalist, White Collar and Psych as an example. On the other hand however, it’s completely different. You get so much information and insight of the human brain, what it is capable to do and how it affects you daily life.

Eric McCormack’s performance is very persuading. He plays this grumpy, paranoid college professor, who due to his condition is set in his ways. During the series he has different schitzophrenic episodes, making the show go beyond the crimes themselves, and you can sometimes actually see how it is having these disorders.


Want I mostly liked about the show, is how it starts with his lecture in class about how a part of the brain is responsible for particular behavior. The information given is linked to the case he is about to solve, and at the end he ends the lecture concluding the theory he started with and actually giving a lesson about life.

The show gives focus on how many things in life are how we percieve them. We see things as we want to see them or how we are capable of seeing them. Ergo the title “Perception”. You get to see the struggles someone with schitzophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder has through his eyes, and learn interesting facts about neuroscience and human psychology.

As for the rest of the characters: Agent Moretti is nice enough, but I don’t seem to bond with her that much. She is not very convincing as an FBI agent, too cute and kind somehow. Also there’s nothing majorly interesting going on with her life. You expect something to happen between her and Daniel, but it never does. Quite early in the series her soon to be ex-husband Donnie shows up, with whom she, again rather quickly, gets back together and ends up marrying again in the final episode of season 4. It’s nice that they do end up together again, kind of like a “faith in men restored”, but it might have been nice if there was more going on in the background or before he came back into the picture.

Dr. Pierce’s assistant Max Lewicki is a great laugh and a sweetheart, and the role of Natalie Vincent (Daniel’s halluscination friend) is played very well as well, adding a little something to each episode.


All in all, it’s a nice enough show that keeps your interest, making you want to press the ‘next’ button to see the next episode. It’s a shame it stopped at 4 seasons ’cause I would have kept on watching.

Score: 7,5/10


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