Review | Urban Decay One & Done foundation

urban decay one & done 1

Now that summer is FINALLY around the corner, I have desperatelly been searching for that perfect BB, CC or whatever double letter foundation. On my search, I stumbled upon the Urban Decay One & Done foundation. After reading the desciption and seeing a couple of reviews, I was sold! I decided to add this bad boy to my make-up collection as it sounded like the perfect summer foundation. But is it?

urban decay one & done 2

Hours upon hours I was debating with myself which color to go for.
“Did I want Light or did I want Medium Light? Did I want one that would fit me now? Or did I want a slightly darker one for that rare ocassion I got a tan in the summer? I’ll go for light! But what if light is too light for the summer? I am buying it for the summer after all. But what if Medium Light is too dark I can’t wear it at all?”

Am I the only one who does this? Probably not.

After I drove my boyfriend and my sister so crazy they wouldn’t talk to me anymore, I decided to go with Light, with the notion that if I were to get a tan I could always use a bronzer.

urban decay one & done 3

The foundation comes in a tube (!) with pump, which is both very hygenic and travel friendly. Thumbs up Urban Decay! The tube and the box have a metallic ombre thing going on which is very nice, reminding me of Estee Lauder’s CC cream. But what I like the most is the inside of the box, which has this purple flower pattern going on. Very pretty!

urban decay one & done 4

Although this foundation had slighly more content that the average foundation, when you pump enough times to get that first pump of product out, suddently the tube looks rather empty. It might also have to do with the fact that it’s a tube and it feels very light compared to say a plastic of glass bottle.

urban decay one & done 5

When I got the first pump out, I was surprised by the color of the foundation. On the swatches I had seen it looked lighter, thus my hour-long debate. But it was actually borderline right, and I’m not that fair.

After applying it on my face though the color was just fine. The coverage is very sheer, and although I like a light coverage, this for me was a tad too sheer. Meaning it didn’t cover a lot of redness which is basically what it’s supposed to do, and my skintone wasn’t that much equal. Point that would have been oke, had the foundation left a dewy finish. But on me it looked rather matte, a finish I don’t really go for.

It is worth mentioning here that I have a dry combination skin. People with normal to combination skin might like this. People with oily skin might probably want to skip this, as well as people with dry or patchy skin, as this did cling on on slighty drier areas of my face.

I have a rather clear skin, with just a bit of redness on my cheeks and nose, a couple of freckles and an occasional pimple here and there. So if you have more to cover up, I would definately not recommend this one.

urban decay one & done 6

On the picture above in the square, i have spread out the foundation. You might be able to see that my vein is slightly less obvious that outside the box. But that’s about all the difference you can see.

All in all it’s an oke product for those who are looking for a sheer foundation with a satin/matte finish and who don’t have a lot of covering up to do.

For the rest of us, the search must go on!

You can find the foundation on the IciParis website and store for 33,30 euro. It is also sold at but doesn’t ship to the Netherlands.

Let me know if you found this review helpful and what your opinion was of this foundation if you tried it.


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