Review: MAMBI Happy Planner 2016-2017 & accessories

mambi happy planner 2016 2017 1

If you are a planning freak like I can be, you might know the real struggle of finding a planner that is both spacious and fun. Struggle no more, for that is exactly what I found in the Happy Planner from Me And My Big Ideas a.k.a. MAMBI!

mambi happy planner 2016 2017 2

Living in Europe, where the whole ‘crafty planner vibe’ is still fighting it’s way through, it can be hard to find a planner that has enough space to write multiple daily activities and notes, AND also be fun and bright and cute and and and at the same time. If you are someone that just does a lot of diffent things a day, all requiering notes and appointments, a normal planner doesn’t cut it, and a big one is just anotherΒ  boring office planner. Yawn.

mambi happy planner 2016 2017 3

That’s where the Happy Planner steps in and makes all of our days brighter!

The Happy Planer is a more affordable version of other popular planners like the Sarah Condren Life Planner. The idea of the Mambi Happy Planner is to have enough space to write all your things in and, while being colorful enough on it’s own, it also gives you enough space to decorate the pages and be creative, if that’s what you’re into.

It’s an 18-month planner, so you can keep it for a long time. Personally I just buy another one after one year so for me that extra half year is kind of wasted, which is a shame.

I went for the Hello Life Happy Planner, which is an A5 size.

The cover
The front and back covers are laminated to keep them from folding and wrinkling, and there are different designs available to choose from. Depending on which design you pick, the colors inside match accordingly.

mambi happy planner 2016 2017 5

The inside

When you open the planner, you get a beautifully decorated page where you can write your name. Turning that page, you get a full year calendar. Turning that page, you start the first month. On the photos you can see peeks of july and august.

In the beginning of every month you get a page on the left side where you can write upcoming birthdays, goals of that month, important notes, appointments and/or events happening that month, and that months current favorite things like songs. So next to writing these down in the weekly sections, you get a general view of the important things of each month on one page!

On the right side it the tab of each month, each one decorated differently with colors or quotes, but equally cute.

mambi happy planner 2016 2017 6

Turning over the tab, you get a monthly overview of each month with a notes bar at the left page. I generally use this for birthdays, very important appointments and bigger events like concerts.

Next you get the weekly overview, where each day has been split into three parts.

In the previous Happy Planner the boxes where tagged as morning, afternoon and evening, and although that might still be the idea with the new one as well, I’m happy they desided not to add the actual words on it, for sometimes I have a lot of short classes in the morning, taking up the space of the afternoon part. Not that it’s a big deal, but the OCD Annie inside me just crindges everytime morning appointsment are marked as afternoon ones.

mambi happy planner 2016 2017 7

Another amazing thing of this planner is the fact that you can add or remove pages from it without them tearing. I love this, because, as the planner is an 18 month one, it is rather thick. So what I do is keep about 6 months in, and remove the rest. Gradually, I add another month, and remove an old one.

This way my planner stays thin and feels sturdier.

You can also buy the special Happy Planner punch (25 euro), punch the holes in any document, card or photo you want and simply add it to your planner!

Also the covers are removeable, and you can purchase covers seperately and change them whenever you like.

mambi happy planner 2016 2017 8

To pimp up your planner, there are lot’s of MAMBI stickers and accessories available to purchase. I bought some life quote stickers and some everyday planning stickers. Each set has 5 pages full of colorful stickers that you can use to brighten up the pages of your planner even more. The stickers are SO pretty, colorful and lot’s of them are gold foiled. LOVE!

In the Netherlands and Belgium you can purchase the Happy Planner on for 26,95 €. They order the planner from the US so the have limited stock each time they order. They also have lots of the Happy Planner accessories like the punch, stickers, pockets, covers and more.

You can also buy it on the official website but outside the US you pay a shitload of shipping costs so I would advice against that.

Likes & Dislikes

+ has lots of space
+ more affordable that other similar planners
+ bright and colorful
+ has the option of adding and removing pages easily
+ has exchangeable covers
+ you can purchase lots of accessories to pimp it up

-still more pricey than your normal planner
-you still have to buy some basic things (like a band to keep it together, note pages, pocket folders) making it more expensive, while other planners already have these in
-misses some sort of book mark (which you can probably also purchace)
-doesn’t have enough note pages throughout the planner, only a single one at the end

So while I do wish I didn’t have to purchase some basic things, which in my opinion should have been included, I am still very very happy to have found this planner, making my planning days so much easier.

Do you also think the Happy Planner is out of this world?



8 thoughts on “Review: MAMBI Happy Planner 2016-2017 & accessories

  1. You bought the exact same one as me. I’m going to do planner reviews this month. 1 for Planner Pad and 1 for the Simplified Planner. I obviously haven’t used the HP yet so it’s always nice to read reviews.I love that’s affordable.

    • Yes, that’s one of the things I love about it! We don’t have lots of planner options so it’s great to have one that looks good and isn’t way overpriced. Look forward to your reviews πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for this review! I’m debating moving over to the Happy Planner in the new year but haven’t quite made my mind up yet! I currently have a Kikki-K planner that I ADORE and use the accessories from MAMBI in that one but all the hype on Instagram makes t difficult to stay away!
    Thanks for your review, I think I’ll check out the website you mentioned – I pay the crap ton of shipping from their official site and ended up having to pay an extra Β£25 customs charge!!

    • I recommend it! Instagram sure doesn’t make it easier does it? Half of my purchases are due to instagram.
      For me it was like 45 euro for shipping+tax. Like to times the planner only for getting it here. A big no. Scrobby is from the netherla ds I think but they may be shipping outside the country as wel. Good luck finding it! ^^

  3. The planner in your post is the exact Happy Planner that I bought, and I can’t wait for July to get here so I can finally start using it! Right now I’m using the Happy Planner with the perpetual calendar for my blog planner, but I’m really looking forward to moving into the super cute dated planner in just a few months. I also use the Happy Planner Fitness expansion, and the Happy Planner Home Planner (I’m a little in love with the HP line!) and I have Fitness & Meal planning updates on my blog using my Happy Planner. πŸ™‚

    I hope you post again when July gets here and we can actually start using our planners!

    – Rachel

    • Hi Rachel! I’m already using the one I had before, but I’m also excited to start using this one in July! I use the Fitness expansion too, it’s so easy to have everything together! I use it for my blog, as well as school and different online courses that im taking, it’s so spacious! Ill be posting some more accessories reviews of HP soon, so stay tuned! Ill check out your blog as well as im very curious to see how you write in it! Love, Annie

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