Laura Mercier Matt Radiance Baked Powder Highlight

laura mercier baked highlighter

For someone that doesn’t wear a highlighter that often, I am incredibly picky. For my they either are too shimmery, too pink, too dark, not dark enough, subtle, not subtle enough (you get the idea). But I finally have found one that I really like and actually wear a lot.

The Laura Mercier highlight comes in a big, black compact with a big mirror inside. A plus point, although I admit I never use the mirrors inside compacts. The packaging feels sturdy, assuring me that I can place it in my make-up bag without the fear of my precious highlighter breaking.

laura mercier baked highlight

I had heard of Laura Mercier but I had never really looked their products up, let alone test them. So, at first, I was hesitant to buy the highlighter, but I am so glad I did!

The Laura Mercier highlight is described as a matt  in the title, but it definitely is not. You can already see the pretty shimmer  in the pan when opening it. The colour is the prettiest champagne colour with just about the right amount of shimmer to give you a natural looking glow. Note, it is shimmery in a glowy way, it doesn’t have glitter particles or anything like that.

laura mercier baked highlighter swatch

Swatched above once with my finger (left), and blended  out (right). The highlighter is a powder, but it’s  a soft one, almost feeling buttery. That’s how finely milled it is. I prefer dabbing it on my cheekbones and my brow bone with my finger but it goes on just as smooth with a brush.

The amazing thing with this is that you can build it up really nicely. You can go for a subtle, natural looking glow which is what I mostly go for, but you can pack it up to look more glowy without having a disco-ball effect.

You can also apply it lightly with a dense brush all over your face for an overall glow.

laura mercier baked highlighter 1

The only let down for me was the price. But as you can see, you get a big compact , and like most highlights, a little does go a long way. For me, it was worth the price!

The Laura Mercier Matt Radiance Baked Powder highlight costs 40,00 $ at, but is also available on and for 38.00 €.

Let met know in the comments if you liked this review, and what other reviews or blogposts you would like to see next!


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