Review: MAC Creme in your coffee


I have been absent for way too long, and for that I appologise! Next to personal issues, I have been working on my Etsy page, making new things, promoting etc.

But I am back, and the coming couple of weeks I will be posting everything I was intending on posting the last two months. So some of the pictures might seem a little dated and christmasy. Please forgive me for that and I assure you the will be happier, spring vibed pictured coming up as well.

But now, my still favorite, MAC Creme in your coffee!


I had been debating whether to buy this one for months! I had swatched it once in a MAC store years ago and I remembered liking it, but I wasn’t sure. Finally, I decided to just go YOLO and buy it for myself for Christmas. And boy, I am glad I did!


Firstly ofcourse, I love MAC’s lipstick packaging. The bulletform, the sturdiness, the little specks of glitter on the tube, all devine! Next, the amazing vanilla aroma. LOVE!

But the color guys…Creme in your Coffee’s color, it’s just perfect! It’s a darkish nude brownish color, but with a hint of pink in there to warm it up a bit. I dislike brown lipsticks that look like you’ve spread mud on your lips.


I have quite red, pigmented lips so on my lips it’s a little lighter than how it swatches, making it a perfect everyday dark nudish color, without it being a ‘did-you-just-put-concealer-on-your-lips-today?’ color, which I feel I get with most true nude colors.

All in all, a great everyday lipstick which will compliment a lot of skintones, and definitely one o my new favorites!

In the Netherlands you can get this at the Bijenkord and Douglas, and ofcourse the MAC store itself for 19,00 euro.



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