#2 Top 10 favorites 2015 : Lush Celestial daycream

lush celestial review 1

Continuing with the top 10 of my favorite products, a daycream that helped me a lot during a heavily allergic period; the LUSH Celestial daycream.

lush celestial review 2

Lush was a brand I had heard about but didn’t personally know. Where I live, there is no Lush store anywhere close by, so I hadn’t had the chance to browse their stores and I never bothered ordering anything.

At some point last year and again this year, I had a period that my skin was heavily reacting on something. My face was dry, itchy, red and at times swollen. Nothing I put on my face helped. In fact, everything made it worse.

Last year, in the hope it would make a difference, I ordered a couple of things from the Lush UK store with a couple of other girls. One of the products I purchased was Celestial.

I started using it and my skin started healing and didn’t react the least bit on the cream. The dryness was gone after 2 days of use, and the rest of the symptoms subdued.

Ofcourse I was still allergic to something so my symptoms where still there. With time, my skin healed completely and I stopped using it.

This year, when I had the same case, I remembered I had used Celestial the time before. I ordered it once more, and was grateful to myself for doing so. My skin feels better, and is almost going oily! Which, for someone with dry skin, is a relief.

PS. turned out I am allergic to fabric softener.

lush celestial review 3

Lush Celestial is a rather thick, white cream. Very soft and gentle, with a gentle scent and gentle ingredients, it is a pleasure to use. Admittedly , it doesn’t sink into the skin instantly, but doesn’t take a long time either.

The good thing is they don’t use perfume in this, which is why I don’t have any reaction whatsoever when using it and what makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

I wish the packaging was different, but I understand that due to the thickness of the cream, this is the easy way to go. I love the detail at the back of their packaging however, the sticker that says who made it, along with the date of produce and the date of expiring.


Do you have sensitive or dry skin? This is 100% the product for you!


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