#1 Top 10 favorites 2015: MAC Soar Lip liner

mac soar lipliner 2

To end this year, I will be showing you my top 10 products of 2015 one by one. I will be doing this till the end of this year, so you can expect a review of 1 product every 1 or 2 days.

I am beginning with a recent but already favorite purchase; MAC’s all too famous Soar lip liner.

mac soar lipliner 1

Being only familiar with MAC’s lipsticks and highlighters,  I decided to purchase a lipliner. Soar was already madly raved about, so I hit google images to take a look at swatches. It being a color I would normally wear, I decided to purchase.

I don’t own a lot of lipliners, and the ones I own are more of a budget friendly variety, so I was happily surprised when the lipliner stayed longer than I was used to, without having that overly drying-out effect on my lips.

The packaging is a typical MAC packaging. Simple but still having that air of luxury, the lipliner is black, with white lettering indicating the color and the color showing at the end of the liner.

mac soar lipliner swatch

MAC describes the color as a mid-tone pinkish brown, and I agree with that, although it depends a lot on your lip color. On mine, being quite pigmented for my pale complexion, it is a soft brown with some pink mixed up. On my sister, who’s lips are a tad lighter than mine, the color comes out quite darker, and you see more of the brown than the pink.

I love the color and the staying power. At some point it does dry my lips out a bit, but so do all lip liners. I haven’t had it for that long and I’m already half way, so that must say something, no?

I am considering buying other colors as well, any suggestions?




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