Beauty | October & all time favorites!

october favorites

I haven’t done a favorite post in AGES, so it was high time you guys got to know what my favorite products are.

This post has both products that I loved using this month, but also products I actually always use and are my holy grails.

Read along to see my favorites!


makeup favorites october

To be entirely honest, I have stopped using a lot of make-up. Not that I ever used ‘a lot’, but now I only put on eye-pencil,mascara and lipstick when I go somewhere during the day, and a ‘full face’ only at night, when either going out or to a party or whatever.

Nevertheless, I own a lot of make-up products and a couple of those are products I grab first. These are:

  • MAC Melba Blush: my daily to-go blush, which ads just that little bit of flush to my cheeks, without being very obvious
  • MAC Cream color base Pearl: using this as a subtle highlighter on nights out
  • Too Faced Natural Eyes eyeshadow palette: all basic colors in one palette, which I use both day and night
  • The Body Shop Cocoa lipbutter: Since I started using this a year ago, I have ignored every other lipbalm I have cause this one is just amazing AND it smells like chocolate! I mean YUM!
  • Pixi Natural Rose lipbalm: Sometimes I feel a bit ‘naked’ and ghostly without a color on my lips, even though I have quite pigmented lips of my own. This Pixi lipbalm has an amazing rosy color that gives that natural pop to my lips AND nourishing them.
  • Chanel Rouge Coco Destinee: Especially now it’s autumn, I grab all my darker colors again, and mostly Destinee from Chanel, cause it just look gorgeous!
  • MAC lipliner Soar: a very hyped product, and with good reason. An amazing color that stays on the lips for quite some hours.
  • GOSH eye pencil Black: Before, my favorite eye pencil was the Bourjois one. But since I started using the GOSH one that I bought during an insane sale, I was..sold! It stayed on the waterline for hours without smudging and it doesn’t irritate my eyes.
  • Lancome Hypnose Star: This mascara is amazing and makes my lashes huge! Daily I use one from Clinique, but when I go out this is definitely the one I go for!
  • Catrice Liquid Eyeliner: I’ve tried a lot of eyeliner, but I keep going for this one. It’s cheap and it works. What else do you want?
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance: Without having tried a lot of eyeshadow primers, this was always the one I used, cause it just never ends! After trying a couple of other primers, I decided that this just was the best and I’ve sticked to it ever since.

Skincare and more

face and body favorites october

Having a sensitive dryish skin mostly sucks. Did I say mostly? Let me rephrase: having a sensitive skin always sucks!

There are so many products that I cannot use due to either an overload on perfume or other nasty, irritable ingredients. So having a sensitive skin, you constantly try new products that might suit you better. For me these are:

  • Lush 9 to 5 cleanser: So soft, oh so soft! The first cleanser I can even use on my eyes without it irritating them. And what I LOVE about it is the smell. I get really calm when I smell it. I even find myself taking off the lid and smelling it even when I don’t want to used it, just because it smells so nice. Might it be the Yilang Yilang? I don’t know. I don’t care. I LOVE it!
  • Lush Celestial moisturizer: For a whole year, I had huge dry,red parts on my face and around my eyes. I am sure it was an allergic reaction to something, but after changing all my products etc I could still not figure out to what the reaction was. During this period almost everything I used would sting, itch, make my skin dryer and redder. EXCEPT Celestial. It was and is my savior. I swear, this is the one you have to go for when having a sensitive skin. I still use it, even after those horrid red parts have finally vanished and my skin in babysoft once more!
  • Kiehl’s Avocado eyecream: I’ve always had dryer undereye skin with the occasional eczema on top of my eyelids and under my eyebrows. This is the only eyecream from LOADS of brands that I tried that doesn’t irritate my skin by a bit and actually takes care of the dryness. Never changing this!
  • Batiste dry shampoo: Not a daily product anymore thank god, but still the only one I go to when my hair is greasy and I have no time to shower
  • Macadamia Healing Oil: I have been using this for three years now, and will be using it always. It makes my hair shiny and soft, without making it greasy. And the smell, oh my god!
  • Yves Rocher butter for extra dry skin: Besides dry skin, I was also ‘blessed’ with psoriasis. Thankfully my condition is very mild and besides a horrible past year that it was insane on my scalp, I almost never notice. But when I do, this butter takes care of it instantly. It’ very moisturizing and smells like shea, which I love.
  • L’Occitane Shea hand cream: Another shea products, cause shea is awesome. I almost never use handcream, but when I do, it’s only this baby
  • Guess Dare perfume: I have emptied a 30ml bottle in less than a year. I think that already says enough. No? Well, it’s a warm, sensual but still light perfume, that can be used both during the day or the night. Love. Is all I have to say. Love.

*** Not in the pictures, but totally worth mentioning: Ziaja Olive face scrub and Ziaja Sensitive deodorant roller.


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