Summer has reached the coutry: Things to do on a sunny day!

Summer has finally arrived. Yes, believe it or not, also in The Netherlands. And these are things you can do on sunny days!

hello sunshine

Isn’t it amazing how people change according to the weather. Somehow everyone is in a good mood, people are happily walking on the streets. Everything just has a cheery vibe!

On this warm sunny day, you might want to do something else than sitting behing your laptop like I’m doing right now.

SO, here are some awesome ideas of things you can do!

Take a stroll in the park, enjoy your suroundings, the beautiful flowerd and trees.

Have a picknick! I always so enjoy picknicks! Put your summer dress or your shorts on, invite your friends or take your family with you, prepare some yummie things to take with you, plus ofcourse loads of water, and go! Add some summer music and a lot of laughter and your day is made!

Workout outside! I know you might have an expesive membership at the gym, but take this opportunity to workout outdoors. Take your matt and do some exercises in the gras, go for a run or just kick around a ball with friend. It all counts!

Extreme sports! Good weather is exactly what you need for extreem sports like hiking, rafting and canoing. Maybe a chance to try out something new?

Live close to water? Why not go sailing, fishing or take a small boat (and a beer) and drift around in the sun.

Your garden looking like nobody’s been there in ages? Maybe it’s time to roll up those sleeves and do some serious gardening!

Had a stressful week? Take a good book you have been meaning to read in ages, sit outside (preferably in a hammock) and just lay back.

Plan a family day! Have kids or haven’t you gone anywhere in a while? This is your chance! Plan an enjoyable trip with the fam (think of the zoo, the park, a citytrip, an active museum, an adventure park) and savour the moments.


Get crafty! The good weather always brings more inspiration than pouring rain. Pick up that brush, find your pen and paper, slam on that instrument, and let your creativity go wild!

Fan of photography? What’s more beautiful than a sunny landscape, glistering water and happy sunkissed faces. Take your camera and see where your imagination takes you.

Lay back. Sit in your garden or balcony, just close your eyes, maybe put some music on. Enjoy the free time, and make it me-time.

DIY projects. Cause we all have those projects in our head, but never seem to find the time or mood to do them.

Beach time! Hit the beach, feel the salty breeze in your face, the sun on your skin, the sand between your toes. Or just go to the swimming pool with friends, family or your self(ie) and enjoy the cool water.

Go shopping! Generally we women love shopping. But a rainy day does suck the fun out of it a tiny bit. Fill those bags and empty that wallet, and enjoy a good cup of coffee at an outside bistro afterwards.

What do you think of outdoor yoga? There are many groeps that organise this, maybe there’s one near by.

Let’s BBQ! Tasty food to be shared with family and friends, with a good cold beer and a lot of laughter.


Make sure you soak all that wonderful sunshine in and, I can’t stress this enough, drink loads of water!

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you enjoy every single moment of it !



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