Rose red hair with Directions!

Directions hairdye rose red 1So recently I decided I was bored with my hair style and wanted an awesome but not long lasting change. What better that to dye it with Directions hair colour! This was the result!

Directions hairdye rose red collage Et voila!

It was my first time in years dyeing my hair with a non permanent haircolour so it’s not as good a result as it would have been had I put more effort in it.

My hair colour

My hair colour is light brown with some natural highlights here and there. I had done some more intense highlights in September, got bored of them by November and dyed my hair in my root colour. The colour got lighter and so actually got back to what it was in it’s natural state.

I didn’t lighten my hair colour before using the Directions hair dye cause my hair had gone through enough torture and was in a fragile state. So the colour is used on top of light brown hair. Due to the lighter parts in my hair the result was a bit weird. But hey, whatever right?

The process

When IĀ  dye my hair I always do it on my own so I was used to the process. However I had a lot of difficulty not getting my whole bathroom pink. The hair dye comes in a pot, so you either have to scoop it out or use a dyeing brush. I went for option number two which went easier. But since I was doing it on myself I didn’t manage to dye my hair evenly. It was a messier process than it could have been if the packaging was different. I did get pink dye on my sink which would get off cause this shizzle is HEAVILY pigmented.

When I was busy preparing everything for the process it hit me that I had forgotten to buy gloves. Stupid. Obviously.
So I put sandwich bags on my hands and set them with hair scrunchies I wans’t using anymore.

While putting on the dye I got it everywhere; on my face, my neck, behind my ears, and even on my nose (I know…)!

A TIP! Ofcourse I read this after my face was pink, but it seems that if you heavily apply vaseline on your forehead, neck etc you can just swoop it off when you’re done cause it hasn’t had the chance to stick to your skin. I haven’t tried it but the logic seems undeniable.

When rinsing the first few times my shower was pink E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E! There was a happy pink stream…streaming from my hair, especially the first time. If you’re planning on dyeing your hair, make sure you clean it right after cause it’ll take some rubbing before that pink happiness is gone.

What was even more annoying was that my whole back was pink after I got out of the shower. The dye I washed out of my hair was so interense that it just stuck on my back. And before you think “ewww you don’t wash your back you disgusting human beeing’ – yes I do. But I don’t have eyes on my back (’cause how creapy would that be) so I hadn’t noticed it until my white pyjamas where pink. My boyfriend had to scrub my back to get it off.

Also there is a chance your pillow and shirts might get pink the first couple of days.

Directions hairdye rose red

The colour stay

I knew the colour wouldn’t stay long, so I didn’t wash my hair every other day like I mostly do. I had 3-4 days between each washing session (to spare me the drama of cleaning my shower every time I showered). The colour stayed about a week intense, and the week after it just became a weird looking pink-orangy colour. It started coming off unevenly (as shown in the picture above) after the first time I washed my hair, but because my hair colour is dark it wans’t as noticeable. As the colour became lighter it was really noticeable though, to the point I was extatic when it was finally gone.

The overall experience

I loved the colour, I will not lie. I would do it again in a heartbeat!
BUT (big big BUT) it’s a big husle for a colour that’s going to stay for a week (I don’t count the second week cause that’s the ‘after colour’).

My haircolour is now thankfully as it should be.

I do have another colour waiting to be used (Dark Tulip, yay!), but I’m still waiting ’till I really have the time to do it well this time.

Hope you liked this post!


Directions hairdye rose red


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