Origins Ginzing skincare | First Impression

Origins Ginzing skincare

I was very excited to finally order some skincare products from the Origins Ginzing skincare, which I have wanted to try out for a long time.

But am I as excited now that I tried them?

Origins Ginzing skincare

First of, let me start with the fact that I have a normal/dry sensitive skin. Alas, not an awesome combination to work with.

Let me also state that I love Origins. I have been using the Modern Friction peeling and the A Perfect World cleanser with white tea and I love them, and so does my skin. Reviews of both these products will be coming shortly as well.

But let me go on with the Ginzing line, which is what this post really is about.

I admit, I love the packaging. It’s bright orange, and screams brightness, awakening and energy. LOVE.
I also like the scent. Both products have a citrus-y smell to them which awakens the senses in the morning and turnes a dull mood and skin into a brighter one.

Origins Ginzing daycream (50ml)

Origins Ginzing daycreamThe daycream comes in an orange pot. A shame cause I much prefer tubes, but I do love the colour.

The smell of the daycream is very pleasant; a natural citrus scent which wil awaken you in the morning.

The cream is a thick consistency, but is in a cream/gel form, and doesn’t feel greasy or unpleasant. It sinks into the skin very fast and is a good make-up base.

Origins Ginzing eyecream (15ml)

Origins Ginzing eyecream

The eye cream also comes in the same orange pot, but obviously a size smaller than the daycream.

As you may notice in the picture, the eye cream has a peachy colour rather that a white one, and has a pearlescent shine. This helpts brighten up the undereye area and even out skintone.

The scent of the eyecream too is citrus-y, but diffentent than the daycream, an almost chemical scent. I do not dislike or like it, but i definately prefer the scent of the daycream. It is not unpleasant though, and will not linger for long.

The eye cream sinks into the skin fast.

First (and last) impresssion:

Besides all the positive things I read about these products and my very positive experiences with Origins’s other products, my skin was irritated by both these products. My face and eyes burned and stung like hell, and due to the irritation my skin felt all but moisturized. I ended up with irritated, dry skin, my dry patches where redder than before and me was NOT happy.

I must be alergic to one of the ingredients of both products, and probably the whole Ginzing line.

I was not able to further test these products out, so I cannot say if they help moisture and brighten the skin. But I did want you guys to know I tried them and maybe warn people with very sensitive skin that this line of skincare from Origins might not be the thing for you.

I hope this post was helpful!




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