Shoplog & Win: Ziaja!

It’s May, hooray!

Summer is so close by I can actually smell it!
And because I’m in a happy spring mood, I’m treating you with a gift. Keep reading!

First of I’m going to show you everything I bought from this lovely, but for me until now unknown brand.

Ziaja shoplog 1

The order was two full boxes full of skin and body care products. I bought a bit more that I needed (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about), mostly out of curiosity and reviewing purposes.

Ziaja shoplog 2

First of, the Goat Milk line.
Let me take this moment to express how AWESOME that goat is on the packaging. I really think it’s a nice touch to an otherwise quite boring packaging.

I had tried the goat milk body balm as it was in the Beautybox from February. I liked the consistency and smell, so I decided I HAD to try a couple of products from the same line. I went for the eyecream, the daycream and another body balm.

The daycream is soothing and light at the same time, and the eyecream if hydrating, although I didn’t notice any change in the dryness around my eyes.

Ziaja shoplog 3

Having a sensitive skin, and having already tried the Sensitive anti-perspirant which I rave about, I thought ‘what the hell’ and bought a couple of products from the sensitive line as well. I went for the enzyme peeling and the daycream. I haven’t tried either of them yet but I’m very curious to see the effect they will or will not have on my face.

Ziaja shoplog 4

Not having the feeling I had bought enough quite yet, I added this cheerful looking bottle of exfoliating scrub in my cart.

Ziaja shoplog 5

Ziaja is very keen on promotion, so when you order something on the webshop you have a big chance of getting more that you pay for. I got the Micellar water from the Sensitive line as a gift for buying three sensitive products, and I got the Cucumber cleansing milk just for ordering on the site.

I say, good service!

Ziaja shoplog 6

And if that weren’t enough, you also get a bunch of sample with every order. I am very happy with samples for they are ideal to take with you on trips and vacations, and you get the chance to test out products you might not have thought you liked!


But now for the part you are here for (don’t lie, I know you’re here for the winning contest!)

Ziaja winactieI had tried the face masks before and they were heaven! So I decided to give you a chance to try them too.

A lucky winner, whom I will randomly choose, will win 5 Ziaja face masks, all of them different!

What do you have to do?

1. Required: Follow me on Instagram (1 point) – Link

2. Optional: Follow my page on Facebook (+1 point) – Link

3. Optional: Share this blogpost on Facebook (+1 points)

4. Optional:Share this blogpost on Twitter (+1 point)

5. Required: Leave a comment letting me know which one(s) you did. (+1 point) No comment = no participation!

No-brainer: the more points you have, the bigger the chances are you’ll win!

You can participate until 15 May 2015, until the clock strikes midnight.
Internationaly open!




4 thoughts on “Shoplog & Win: Ziaja!

  1. Leuk! Ik heb iets met onbekende merken, dus uit vrouwelijke nieuwsgierigheid ding ik graag mee!
    Ik heb je pagina op FB (Marjolein G) een thumbs-up gegeven en je hebt er ook een volgster bij op instagram (@mrjlng). Bij deze is ook mijn reactie een feit!

  2. Leuke winactie! Ik ben heel benieuwd naar deze producten. Heb het merk voorbij zien komen bij een aantal bloggers met het unboxen van de vipbox. Ik volg je op fb en instagram.

    Succes met je blog en volgers.

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