Unboxing: Beautybox Februari 2015 + promo codes

beautybox unboxing 1 In March I decided I missed the excitement of receiving a surprise beautybox and ordered one from Beautybox. I had heard a lot of positive things about the content of the box and was happily surprised when I finally received it. Intrigued? Then definately read this unboxing! When I opened the box the first thing I saw was the two-paged leaflet with the info of the products. On the front it stated the quote: ” Home is where your make-up stash is”. True story! beautybox unboxing 2

Unfolding the shiny packaging material, this is what revealed itself!

Let’s have a look at the products one by one:

1. Rituals Sakura Spring foaming shower oil (Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom)   beautybox unboxing 5 What Beautybox says: ” It’s Rituals time once again, with this month one of our favorite products! Enjoy the amazing scent sensation of organic ricemilk and eastern cherry blossom. The nurturing shower oil transforms into a soft foam leaving the skin feeling soft. “ My opinion: I always was a fan of Rituals, whether it was their skincare, their showergels or their make-up. But this Rituals showel oil smells A-MA-ZING! It has a fresh but slightly flowery scent to it and brings spring into my shower! It instantly lifts my spirit and I’m sure it will be heaven to shower with this oil. The packaging brings out a fresh, spring vibe and I love that it has a pump. I’m very excited this was in this box and I cannot wait to use it. Fullsize product of 200ml Price: 8,50 euro 2. Ziaja Goat’s Milk night cream beautybox unboxing 6 What Beautybox says: ” Did you know that the skin renews itself during the night? The Goat’s Milk nightcream is the best sold, and therefore the most popular product of the new skincare brand Ziaja. Because goat’s milk almost has the same pH level as our skin, it sinks easily into it, and penetrates the deeper skin layers, hydrating and lifting it. The goat’s milk had a soft, creamy scent.” My opinion: Knowing this product would be in this box and it beeing the main reason I ordered it in the first place, I was happy to give it a try. I have tried a couple of Ziaja products and was positivelty surprised by how gentle but yet effective they are. From the Goat’s Milk line, I use the body milk, which I am very satisfied with. Opening the pot, you can smell the scent immidiately. It indeed had a creamy smell to it, which I find to be soothing and relaxing and reminds me the product will not irritate my skin because of the lack of perfume. The nightcream had a thick substance but sinks directly into the skin, leaving it soft and very hydrated, in a non-sticky way. Fullsize product of 50ml. Price: 6,99 euro 3. Tony & Guy Glamour firm hold hairspray beautybox unboxing 7 What Beautybox says: “It is no secret that we all love Tony&Guy products. The products do what they claim they will, and the variaty of product from this British brand is enormous. In this box you will find one of their best selling products, the firm hold hairspray. An ideal travel sized can that fits in each bag, for the essential touch-ups during a night out.” My opinion: I was glad to find this in the box. I have been using this hair spray for two years now and I love it. It does a good job keeping your hairdo intact and, most important for me, it doesn’t smell heavily chemical or unpleasant like a lot of hairsprays do. I do find it on the expensive side, but then again I almost never use hairspray so for me a can lasts ages. This is a travel size spray, which comes in handy when  I go on vacations cause that’s when I mostly style my hair and use hairspray. Never tried it? I’d say give it a go and you won’t regret it! Price (of the fullsize product) – 11,99 euro for 250 ml 4. Anatomicals Hand & Lip Duo beautybox unboxing 8 What Beautybox says: ” We love Aloe Vera and the great British cosmetics brand Anatomicals. To overwin the lasts weeks of winter, we added this bestseller of this brand in this month’s box. This product is both nurturing for the lips and the hands en protects them both with the added Aloe Vera.” My opinion: I was kind of intrigued when I first read the title. How can a lip balm be a hand balm and vise versa? A lipbalm would be too sticky and thick for the hands and a hand cream would be too runny and weird tasting. So I opened the packaging and my first thought was ” I see what you did there!”. So, what Anatomicals cleverly has done, is placing a round formed lip balm on top of the handcream tube. The two are seperate, but one, if you know what I mean. When you unscrew the tube you can use the handcream, and when you just pull the cap off, you can use the balm. A two-in-one product, which comes in very handy when you take it with you. I always find Anatomicals refreshing. They have clever ideas, colourful packaging and smart quotes and product names. Kudos from me! Fullsize price – 5,95 euro 5. Lipsi Cosmetics Aphrodite Powder Combat Grease beautybox unboxing 9   What Beautybox says: ” New kind on the block! Lipsi cosmetics takes it’s name from the Greek eiland Lipsi en the all-natural cosmetics line, in which this product belongs, is an absolute hit in America. The powder absorbs excess tallow which makes the skin glow with a matt effect. The powder is suitable for all skin types and works both as a powder basis or als finishing touch of your make-up look. Our new favorite!” My opinion: What a cute, tiny box! Although I have stopped using foundation and powder due to my somewhat dry, winter skin, I can see it coming in handy when the summer months sneak in and my skin gets a tad oily. It’s a very licht powder which is ideal for using after foundation, BB cream or just applying without a base. Plus, it’s small pacaking is ideal to take with you on trips. It is a loose powder though so applying might get tricky in that little box. beautybox unboxing 10 As an extra, Beatybox added a tester from Ziaja and a code for 15% off your entire order. The code is BEAUTYBOX and you can use it until 30-03-2015. Overall, I am very pleased with this box and I’m looking forward to receiving the March box!

Did you like the products from this box and would you consider ordering from Beautybox?




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