Makeup Revolution VS MAC Soft and Gentle

A couple of days ago I wrote a review on my Makeup Revolution order.

In that review I mentioned I would show a comparison of the Makeup Revolution highlighters and MAC Soft & Gentle.

And so here it is!

Makeup Revolution vs Mac

MAC Soft & Gentle is one of the most popular and best sold MSFs from MAC. And with good reason.
It has a beautiful champagne colour and gives the most gorgeous glow. It’s a subtle, not over the top highlighter, and gives you just the right amount of, what looks like, a natural glow.

makeup revolution vs Mac swatchOn the swatches above, you can see the difference between Makeup Revolution’s Godess of Love, Radiant Lights Breathe and MAC’s Soft & Gentle.

Godess of Love has a cooler tone, while Soft & Gentle is even more champagne coloured. The shine of the two is identical though. Breathe has almost the same colour as Soft & Gentle, but lacks that intenser glow that the other two have.

So Godess of Love has the same glow, but Breath had the same colour.

Personally, my favorite will always be MAC SOft & Gentle!

I hope this helped you a bit!


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