Review: the Makeup Revolution heaven!

makeup revolution makeup1These last few months I noticed that Makeup Revolution was becoming quite a hype. Though I’m not the kind of person who grabs at things as soon as they become a hype, after reading many reviews on fellow blogs I got intrigued and decided to treat myself on a few product. Curious as to what I got? Then by all means, keep on reading!

After debating for hours on whether or not I should just purchase the entire site, I finally decided against the idea, chose the products I really REALLy wanted, and ended my order.

Whithin a few days I received my order in a bag. Yes, a bag. Not a box. A BAG. Sweat of horror started to gather on my forehead. Terrified that the products would be broken and/or damaged, I ripped the bag open. To my huge relief, the products arrived safe and sound, each product wrapped with tons of bubblewrap. PHEW! All is well.

Makeup Revolution Blushing Hearts blushes & Godess of Love highlighter

makeup revolution blushing hearts 2

Probably one of the most popular products of Makeup Revolution, the Blushing Hearts blushes are incredibly cute and a treat to look at.

makeup revolution blushing hearts

FLTR: Candy Queen of Hearts, Godess of Love, Peachy Keen

Heartshaped, withing cute carton boxes, the blushes have three different colours which you can combine together to get a bright pink colour, or just use the one you like most.

The blushes are available in the colours Candy Queen of Hearts,Peachy Keen Heart, Blushing Heart and in three new colours Peachy Pink Kisses, Iced Hearts and Bursting with Love.

Blushing Hearts Candy Queen of Hearts
Price: £4.99

makeup revolution queen of hearts makeup revolution queen of hearts swatch

Candy Queen of Hearts has three beautiful colours, all on the cooler tone I would say. Swirled together you get a cool toned candy pink colour.

The blush is very well pigmented, and the colour is quite bright. Not too bright though and very wearable. I would have prefered a warm tone myself though.

On the swatches above you can see the colours. The first one is the colours swirled together, the other three are the colours swatched separately.

Blushing Hearts Peachy Keen
Price: £4,99

makeup revolution peachy keen heart makeup revolution peachy keen swatch

Peachy Keen is, as you might have guessed from the name, a much more peach coloured blush.

In it’s box the colours look a lot more subtle than when applied. Due to it’s strong pigmentation the colours come on darker than expected. I don’t mind at all, but you might want to apply this one with a light hand.

The colours swirled together make a warm peachy bronze, which makes this blush ideal for the summertime.

Again, on the swatches above, you can see how good the pigmentation is. The first one is of all the colours swirled together, the others each colour swatched seperately.

Godess of Love Highlighter
Price: £4.99

makeup revolution godess of love

This highlighter is a true beauty. The colour is a cooler champagne one, which will suit many skintones.

The highlighter is as well pigmented as the blushes and has a bright glow to it.

makeup revolution godess of love swatch

Here you can see the highlighter applied heavily and more subtle. Personally I am not a big fan of the colour. I am more fond of warm tones, but my sister seems to dig the shine.

Radiant Light Breath
Price: £5.00

makeup revolution radiant breath4 makeup revolution radiant breath

This highlighter is more up my alley! Or anyway, the colour is.

The packaging is basic, but not in any cheap way. It feels sturdy and had a mirror on the inside. I like the swirling lines inside, it’s a nice detail!

Like the name suggests, it gives your complexion a radiant glow. It’s a sublte highlighter but definately there.

makeup revolution radiant breath 2 makeup revolution radiant breath swatch

It was rather hard to capture the colour as, like I mentioned above, the colour is rather sublte. But it’s warmer toned than Godess of Love, and had less of a glow and more of a radiance. I don’t know if that makes sence?

I read that a lot of people thought the Godess of Love looked alot like MAC Soft & Gentle. I own MAC Soft&Gentle so I will be posting a comparison of the three highlighters so you can see the similarities and differences.

Essential Mattes 2 palette
Price: £4.00
  makeup revolution essential mattes 2

This palette is actually the reason I placed an order in the first place. I was looking for a palette with only matte colours. I am not a fan of the Urban Decay Basics palettes so I was planning on buying one from Zoeva. But then I found this one, and be honest, how could I resist?

makeup revolution essential mattes 2 2The Essential Mattes palette has both light and darker colours, so you can make basically any look you want.

makeup revolution essential mattes 2 swatches1 makeup revolution essential mattes 2 swatches2

The first six lighter colours were barely noticeable on the back of my hand, so I had to swatch them multiple times to get the colours to show. I didn’t seem to have that problem wheb applying on my eyelids though.

The darker colours are more pigmented, and just required one swipe.

I am very pleasend with this palette, for now I have one for all the mattes I need.

Do watch out though. After using the palette, it leaves a lot of loose eyeshadow behind, which eventually will make the palette look rather messy and ew. So make sure you blow the resting powder away before closing.

makeup revolution essential mattes 2 3

#Liphug lipsticks: Still missing my baby/ Save me from yourself/ When you came to me
Price: £2.50

Last, but definitely not least, three #Liphug lipsticks.

makeup revolution #liphug

The packaging looks a lot like the rest of the products (palette, highlighter). I must admit, I like the design, but I dislike the plastic quality. It’s the type that dirt and fingerprints linger on and the product ends up looking gross.

But that’s besides the point. Let’s take a look at the lipsticks themselves!

makeup revolution #liphug 2

FLTR: #Liphug Still missing my baby, Save me from yourself, When you came to me

I decided to go for a dark colour, a medium everyday one and one that for me would be a sort of nude colour.
You know, just to try them all.

The lipsticks are well pigmented and apply smoothly on the lips, like a butter.They leave a nice shine on the lips.Only the colour ‘Still missing my baby’ came on a bit harder than the other two. You can notice that on the swatces below. It definitely requires a lip pencil. The good thing about this one is that it leaves a stain, so you stay with the colour much longer that the other two.

The lastig power of the #Liphug lipsticks isn’t very long, I would say about 1- 2 hours without eating/drinking. After that reapplying is necessary.

Still missing my baby is a dark red/brown colour, Save me from yourself is an orangy/light brown colour and When you came to me is a nude light pink colour.

makeup revolution #Liphug swatchI am very happy with the products I chose and I am currently using most of them. The quality is higher than the price you pay so it’s definitely high on the budget make-up list!

Products from Makeup Revolution are available at their webshop and in the Netherlands at

Have you ever tried anything from Makeup Revolution and do you have any tips on what more I could buy?


14 thoughts on “Review: the Makeup Revolution heaven!

  1. Great post! I’ve always been interested in their products, but I’m from Canada and am hesitant to buy due to the shipping costs. I will be keeping an eye out for your post on the highlighters!

  2. Nice post! I wore my first #Liphug lipstick today and really loved it! Found it quite long-lasting for a buttery lip product 🙂
    Definitely check out their I heart chocolate palette (the one that’s a dupe for the Too Faced one). It’s my favourite product by MUR so far!

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