Review: Flow Book for Paper Lovers

Flow book for paper lovers 2Having creativity cravings? This is THE book to help you through them if you are a true paper lover!

As you may have read in ‘My Christmas gifts‘ post, I got the Flow Book for Paper Lovers from my boyfriends mom.

Being a creative soul, when my scedule alowes it, I need to be busy, either making things, drawing or doing something with my hands. I already own a couple of drawing books that help me relax, and I enjoy making my own note books. But when I saw this at the book store I HAD to have it.

But the price kept me from buying it myself (16,95 euro ) , and I was very excited to get it as a gift.

The Book for Paper Lovers is full of creative ideas, all to do with paper. And when I say full people, I mean FULL.

But instead of ranting on about how awesome this book is, I thought I would show you some photos instead!

Flow book for paper lovers 3It’s quite obvious from the title of the book what the book is al about. A book full of paper goodies!

There is a whole section dedicated to gifts. There are a lot of pages full with cards and beautifully made gift tags.

Flow book for paper lovers 4

After that, there is a whole section with cut-outs. Pages with different, colourful DIY’s, that will satisfy your cravings.

Flow book for paper lovers 5More fond of drawing? No problem! In this book you can find a lot of drawing pages.

Flow book for paper lovers 6

There is a section dedicated to thank you notes, letters, tags and greeting cards. Just look at how cute everything is decorated!

Flow book for paper lovers 7

There is a storage section at the back of the book, where you can store loose papers you might have used, or want to use in the future. In this storage envelope you can find three colourful paper bags you can store things in, and a wonderful banner you can hang up in your room.

Flow book for paper lovers 8

Banner you can find at the back of the book saying ‘ Oh what a beautiful day’.

ย  Flow book for paper lovers 10

At the ‘celebrate’ section you can find DIY for partys, banners, thank you notes for gifts etc.

Flow book for paper lovers 11 Flow book for paper lovers 12

Just look at how thick the book is! All filled with paper goodies, for those cozy winter evenings you want to relax and be creative!

Flow book for paper lovers 2

I’m really happy I got this book. Not only does it have loads of DIY pages, tags and cards, it has pages with positive quotes!

Positive points:
– It’s an ‘I want it-I need it!’ item
– Has amazing, coloured pages
– There is a lot inside you can do
– Sturdy, although made from carton
– So much fun!
– Positive vibe

Negative points:
– Expensive
– There are a lot of pages with greeting cards, gift tags and celebration items, which you might not often use

Would I recomend it? I think I would. If you like making things with paper, and you still use paper in your everyday life like I do (paper agenda, paper tags, still send paper cards etc) then I would buy it.

If you are not that into paper items, I would skip this one.

What do you think of the Book for Paper Lovers? Would you consider buying it?

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