New in: shopping in the month December

new in december 1I did quite some damage to my bank account in December, not only overdoing it buying gifts for others, but also buying gifts for myself. The sales were everywhere and I simply couldn’t resist. I am, after all, only human.

Curious to see what i bought?

I bought a couple of things when in the Netherlands, but most of the things I bought while I was staying with my parents in Athens for the holidays.

new in december 2

Starting with the bottles and tubes:
Timotei shampoo and conditioner for dry damaged hair, which I bought to use while I was there but ended up taking with me
Tony&Guy Glamour hairspray, cause i use it when i straighten my hair and it was in the sale
Korres Bergamot & Pear shower gel, because I simply LOVE Korres showergels, and especially this one
Avene cleanser lotion, because my skin is playing tricks on me, and has gone from normal to irritated (/irritating) and dry and this seems to be mild enough not to damage it more

new in december 3

Over to my favorite part, make-up!

– Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. I had the old one but sold it to buy this one
– Benefit Most Famous Neutrals palette. Bought it for fun because it’s gorgeous
– Sephora CC Cream
– Sephora blush brush
– MAC lipstick Party Line (oh how I love MAC lipsticks!)
– Chanel shine Aura lipstick
– Dior balm lipstick Lili

I bought all these in Greece, with the exception of the Chanel lipstick.

Reviews and swatches will be coming soon of all these beauties!

new in december 4

As you may, or may not, have noticed The Body Shop has started their annual sale. I have way too much left from their previous sale, but not wanting to brake my pattern, I bought the Sweet Lemon showel gel, the Vanilla eau de toilet, and a Cocoa lipbalm.

new in december 5

Although god knows I have enough perfume to spray the whole world with, I found I lacked a simple, everyday perfume.

You know, the one you just wear to school just to smell nice but can’t be bothered too much in the morning about which one to choose, and you can keep spritsing it all day long without being worried you’re emptying an expensive bottle of perfume.

Well, for me that is the Esprit woman now. I nice, but simple perfume, nothing very exciting about it but a nice one for everyday wear. It’s not very cheap mind, but it’s in the sale a lot.
I used to use one from The Body Shop but that one only lasted an hour or so, this lasts at least three.

new in december 6

I bought quite some things from the H&M sale, but only basic which I didn’t find interesting enough to post here.
The typical basic singlets, socks, underwear and a jacket. I did, however, also buy this gorgeous scarf which I adore. I bought a similar scarf from H&M last year at the sale too, so it was only natural I had to buy this one too. Think of it like a set; you can’t possibly have the one without the other now, can you?

From Oysho, I bought this set of socks, and from the Jumbo (which is similar to the dutch Action and Xenos) I bought two sets of hair bands because I always seem to lose them.

new in december 7And, not beauty related, food!
These are the remains of all the things we filled our suitcase with. Just a few chocolates, crackers and goodies you unfortunately can’t find in the Netherlands. We also bought three packs of greek pitas which we also love.

AND, I bought a huge, awesome can of beer with the ACDC logo on it! Isn’t it cool? I haven’t opened it yet. I don’t expect it to be very nice, but the can was so awesome, I had to buy it.

If it wasn’t for the suitcase weight limit I would have come with lots more!

Did you buy a lot in December too? Did you treat yo self as much as I did? Let me know!

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