My Christmas gifts!

christmas gifts

Christmas may have passed but I’m still very happy and grateful for the gifts I got, and today I’m going to show them to you!

I’ll start by telling you that i spent Christmas at my parents house in Athens. I was really happy to have found a plane ticket that wasn’t very expensive. Unfortunately my brother and I couldn’t stay for New Years, but we had a great time while it lasted.

The first couple of days before Christmas we spent quite some time christmas shopping for each other. My boyfriend, my brother and I had already exchanged gifts the 5th of December for Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas), so that was out of the way.

In the end, on Christmas day everybody had their gifts under the tree, and it was time to unwrap! This is what i got:

christmas gifts 8

First of, these pairs of socks from Oysho! Aren’t they the cutest? I got these from my parents and my sister.

christmas gifts 7

I got this huge cute mug from my little sister. Originally it was filled with chocolates, but as you might have guessed those are long gone!

christmas gifts 6

Next I got this beauty bag, with two big compartments. The one under has a removable pocket, and elastic bands for mascara and brushes. The compartment above had a mirror and two removable make-up bags.

I chose this one myself, and I love it! I always have trouble traveling with make-up and all the extra stuff, and now all can fit in one bag!

christmas gifts 2

Also from Oysho, I got this fluffy, super warm slippers for in the house from my sister. The ideal gift for in the winter!


Last but not least I got some money, so i decided to buy a couple of things from Lush. I got the Celestial moisturizer since my skin has been very sensitive and dry lately, the Tea Tree and Eau Roma waters and Mint Julips lip scrub (which I could live without but since I was ordering I thought what the hell).

IMG_20141212_154400 IMG_20141216_145659

From my brother I got the new Guess perfume and the Flow calendar, from my boyfriend I got a Fossil watch, and from his mom the Flow paper lovers edition, which I will be reviewing shortly. The photos above are the ones I shared on my Instagram account.

Although i am very very happy with my gifts, I was happier still to have spent Christmas with my family this year, and I hope to be able to every year.

Stay tunned, tomorrow I’m showing everything I bought in the moth December!

What exciting gifts did you get for Christmas?

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