Review: MAC Plumful lipstick

MAC plumful 2

Today a review of the popular MAC Plumful!

MAC plumful 1

After buying MAC Hot Tahiti in the summer (you can find the review here), I starting falling in love with MAC lipsticks.
I never got what the fuss was all about. I had tried other MAC products and I was never too keen on them.
The lipsticks though are heaven. They glide on the lips and there are so many colours and finishes to choose from!


MAC plumful 4

I read lots of reviews and watched loads of youtube videos in order to decide which colour to buy. Finally I decided my second MAC lipstick would be Plumful.

The lipstick has a typical MAC appearance. A matte black tube with very sublte shimmers, and the name at the bottom on the lipstick.

Like Hot Tahiti, Plumful is a Lustre, which means it’s a light formula with sheer coverage, which is buildable. It has a glossy finish and doesn’t stay as long as a matte would. Still, it glides on like butter on the lips.

MAC plumful 3

Β The colour, like the name suggests, is a plumy pink one. Above you can see the swatches.
The first one is when applied once, the second one when layered a couple of times. You can see how the colour builds up.

I’m very happy with my new MAC lipstick, and I’m looking forward to expanding my collection!

Do you own any MAC lipsticks? If so, which colour is your favorite? And which colour would you like to buy?

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