15 last minute Christmas gift ideas!

christmas gifts

For those of you who still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping, here are some ideas that might save your christmas!

1. Gift cards

giftcard for christmas (Small)

Some might say this is a tad impersonal, but a gift card is a great way to go if you really don’t know what to buy or have no time to endlessly wander into shops searching for the perfect gift.

Some ideas: H&M, ZARA, Douglas, Ici Paris, The Body Shop, Starbucks, and one of my favorite: the cinema gift card!

2. A mug filled with chocolates


Choose festive Christmas mug, a mug with a funny quote on it or a plain mug, and fill it with chocolates.
Everybody uses mugs, and who doens’t love chocolate!

3. A mug with coffee/tea/hot chocolate


The ingredients for a perfect hot beverage. There are loads of kinds of coffee andΒ  to choose from. And for those who don’t like either of these, you can always put a cute bag for hot cocoa in it.

4. A trip


Have a healthy budget to spend?
Surprise your other half with a romantic get away trip.

5. Tickets to an event


We are all in need of some entertainment. Buy tickets to a movie, to a concerts or perhaps a theater play.
The options are endless!

6. Self baked cookies

christmas cookies wallpaper98146

On a tighter budget? Time to put in some more effort and less money.
Bake your own Christmas cookies, and place them in a carton bakery box or festive cookie tin!

It gives a personal touch to it, and you can make a huge batch in one time to give to many people.

7. A book


Although we live in a time where people use their tablet, laptop or e-reader to read, I personally think there is nothing better than the real deal.
I still love receiving books, and so do many people still.

You can also go for cooking and recipe books, or how about travel books?

8. Dinner and a movie

Valentine Dinner Photo

Instead of buying a gift, plan a day for a dinner and a movie!

9. A photoframe with a sentimental photo


For a more personal gift, go for a framed photo. Choose a sentimental photo, a photo that will bring back happy memories.
And to make it even more special, you can decorate the frame yourself.
Admitedly this takes more time than the other suggestions, but it’s a great gift to give and to receive.

10. Perfume, cosmetics or skincare

A popular type of gift. Shops and outlets have huge sale on perfume, knowing this is one of the most popular gifts people give each other.
Make sure thought that you know what scent to buy, perfume is not always that easy to choose for someone else.

Want an even easier option? Go for skincare products such as shower gel, body milk/butter/oil etc

11. For him: games and gadgets

Personally i find it hard to buy gifts for men. Maybe because I am a woman and I think like one. But men always seem to have everything the need, and the things they really want ofter cost a small fortune.

Fortunatelly most men also like to game. Consider buying a pc/playstation/or whatever game or maybe a gadget!

For the lazy ones; just buy a game on Steam. As soon as they hear the word game, they won’t mind it’s not gift wrapped.

12. A Christmas gift basket


Another way to go is giving a gift basket. I would recommend you put this together yourself, but there are also tons of shops selling them ready made.

You can have a theme, like a food basket, or just mix and match different things.

13. Wine, Champagne or Beer

It’s the season to be jolly, and what’s a better way to achieve that than with a glass of good wine, champagne or beer for the beer lovers.

Buy a nice bottle of wine or champagne for christmas, or give a mix of different kind of beers.

14. Warm Winterwear


We all have those lazy winter Sundays that we just walk around in our pyjamas or comfy clothes all day.

A warm sweater, cozy pyjama pants, fluffy slippers and socks are the perfect winter gift for this season!

15. Christmas decorations and/or ornaments


Buy some nice christmas decorations or be crafty and make them yourself !

Another great idea is to make christmas ornaments yourself. The internet is filled with DIY for christmas. Pop some Christmas songs on and let the crafting fun begin!


The trick is to think outside the box and don’t think to much about whether your gifts will be liked. Just use your imagination and others will appreciate the effort. And besides, it’s the idea that counts right? πŸ™‚

I wish you all a very merry Christmas, and i hope you are all able to spend them with your loved ones!

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