The Autumn Tag!

Time flies and we find ourselves already at the end of September.
The days are getting smaller at the passing of each day, and soon winter will arrive.

the autumn tag

But first we must enjoy Autumn!
Today, for you, the Autumn tag!

Favorite thing about the autumn?

I will have to say the changing of the climate.
I am a hardcore summer lover, but change is healthy and having had an exceptionaly warm September i welcome the thought of the air getting crisp and the leaves changing colour.

Favorite drink?

Although coffee will stay an all-time favorite, no matter the season, I would have to go with a huge glass ofΒ  fresh mint tea!

fresh mint tea

Favorite scent/ candle?

I don’t use scented candles alot, i don’t know why.
But i would go for something warm like vanilla, sandalwood or cinammon.

Best lipstick?

Red/brown and purples (shocker, i know)
I’ve been wearing a The Body Shop lipstick in a red/brown colour alot lately and i love it (number 125 from the colour crush collection)

Go to colour for the eyes?

Though i change lipstick almost every day, my eyeshadow look has always stayed quite the same.
I always wear brown/gold tones. Fortunately, these colours go with every season!

Go to moisturizer?

I’ve been using Avene Hydrance for normal to combination skin, and it’s perfect for my skin!

Favorite music?

The music i listen to doens’t change with every season. Well, except if you count Christmas music.
I must admit though that i tend to listen more to rock/metal these past weeks

Favorite outfit to wear?

Knitwear and boots! I’ve been dying to wear my knitwear again, and I’ve got lovely pairs of boots that have been neglected all summer long.


Autumn treat?

Not exactly a treat, but now the weather is getting colder it’s nice to be eating soup again.

Favorite place to be?

I love it when it’s cold outside to rush into a cafe. My favorite one would have to be Starbucks. Not for it’s coffee (although the winter beverages are to die for) but for the atmosphere. Starbucks is always so warm and cozy, with it’s jazz music, big couches and coffee smell.
Now i’m sad we don’t have any Starbucks close by….


Did you enjoy this tag and would you like me to do tags more often?

Leave a comment below to let me know!


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