50 random facts about me!

Hallo iedereen!

Misschien heb je het kopje ‘Who am I’ al gezien bovenaan mijn blog. Daar staan 2-3 lijntjes over wie ik ben. Toch heb ik niet echt een kans gehad om mezelf voor te stellen op de nieuwe WordPress blog.

Ik heb dus besloten om ’50 random facts’ over mezelf te vertellen, dan komen jullie ook een beetje te weten wie ik ben!

Veel plezier!
Hello everyone!

As you may (or may not for that matter) have seen, there is an ‘Who am I’ section above, in which I have written one or two lines about myself.

But as I haven’t had the chance to introduce myself properly on this blog, I wanted to do so in a fun way. So I decided to do a ’50 random facts about me’ post!


1. I have a light/pale complection but way darker characteristics such as eyes, lips, eyebrows, lashes. I used to hate that but now I rather like it.

2. I am in love with After Eight chocolate *mnom*!

3. You can wake me up for a good cup of coffee anytime, it’s my one weakness

4. I am messy, but neat at the same time. I need to have everything that’s important organised, but my clothes are everywhere except of where they’re supposed to be.

5. I am from Greece (Athens), but now live in the Netherlands

6. I have a cat called Aris

7. Christmas is my favorite holiday, even though it’s in the winter.

8. Everybody seems to love Nars Orgasm, i simply hate it. No, hate is a strong word. I dislike it very very very much.

9. I enjoy good photography and hope to learn more about it in the future

10. I am a book worm, but haven’t had time to read a book for over a year which I find shameful

11. I like ice tea when it’s ice cold and when it actually tastes like real tea. I often just make it myself

12. My happy place is in Greece, at the seaside under the warm sun

13. I even have a tatoo of a sun on my ankle

14. I work with a Nikon D90 and i loooove it

15. I like looking at nailart but i don’t seem to have the patience (or the talent) for it myself

16. I don’t have a favorite band. Nor a favorite film come to think of it. I enjoy the occassional metal, post rock, alternative, but recently I find myself listening a lot to indie music

17. Series I like a lot are Psych, White Collar, Community, Chuck, Scrubs

18. I had an obsession with costume drama way before the succes of Downton Abbey

19. Although I was brought up in Greece and now live in the Netherlands, I prefer reading and writing in english

20. I sometimes sneeky grab a Nuttela pot, scoop a big spoonfull and just eat it like that

21. I am an admited Starbucks fan. Not so much for the coffee (i mean come on, it’s not really coffee), but because of the relaxing jazz music, the comfy couches and the relaxing atmosphere. Oh, and the cinnamon rolles *love*

22. I change my mind alot. Even my favorite colour doesn’t stay my favorite for more than a year

23. I like coca cola light more than the original

24. I don’t have any particular interest in sports. I watch the occasional football game and I do love playing tennis

25. I dream for the future is to see the world. Some of the many places I would like to visit are Rio de Janeiro, Dehli, Sierra Nevada in Spain and Japan

26. Maybe far fetched but I hope one day to be able to go to Antarctica and, if I don’t freeze to death, see the Northen Lights (aka Aurorae)

27. I never used to be into beauty products as much, but now I seem to love all the colours and have created quite a big stash

28. Woods give me the creeps, possibly because of all the thriller books I’ve read over the years

29. I am part of a great Scouting team. I’ve been going to Scouting since i was 4, stoppen when I was 13 and started again two years ago as a leader.

30. I study educational sciences but I have recently developed an interest in business as well

31. I went to Paris in the summer, and although I liked it, I didn’t see what all the fuss is about. I would like to visit Vienne though

32. During my teenage years I was member of a penpal site and wrote to a lot of people from all over the world. I still talk to some of those through social media and consider them good friends.

33. I have a tattoo of a sun on my left ankle. My best friend has the same one. The design was not an existing one, a friend of ours sketched it for us. For me the sun represents wamth (because I hate cold), brightness and freedom, the summer (which is my favorite time of the year), but above all it reminds me of Greece, my home.

34. Like many from my generation I’ve been a fan of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Eragon

35. Staying on that subject; I’ve read every Harry Potter book more that 3 times and cried when Severus Snape and Dumbledore died. I watched LOTR more that 5 times each.

36. (I think) i have a twitter account, and have never used it

37. My boyfriend and I are together for almost three years. He’s name is Michael

38. I used to play World of Warcraft A LOT, and would probably still be playing if the games weren’t so darn expensive

39. Past years I had quite some styles. I began with metal, went to gothic, continued with alternative, and ended up at hippy. Now I just wear what I like whenever I like it. It can be casual, alternative or classy, depending on my mood and the occasion.

40. I have 30 -40 nail polishes, about 20 of which are red. The others are green/blues, one is yellow ,one is gold and one is silver.

41. I like baking. One of my favorite cakes is self made carrot cake with lots of frosting!

42. I always sleep with my window open, even in the winter

43. I have a very close relationship with my family

44. I am not a loner, I like being surrounded by people, and I don’t mind crowded places.

45. I like going out for a coffee instead of staying inside. When I’m in Greece I’m rarely at home

46. I prefer going shopping on my own. I like to take my time to browse through things, try them on, debate for an hour in my head whether I should buy something or not, and then when I’ve finally decided to buy it, to take another hour deciding in which colour/shape I should buy it. This often annoys the hell out of everyone who’s with me.

47. At home I walk around in my ‘chill house outfit’, the fancy term for pyjama pants. In the evening I like cocooning in a blanket

48. I enjoy cooking and could make grand dishes , but I suck at preparing pasta

49. I have a hard time thowing things away because I get attached to stuff, and almost everything has sentimental value or a memory I want to keep alive

50. When i was small I couldn’t say Annie so i called myself Nounie. When I was at an age that i could say my name, I was also at the age that I wanted to do everything on my own. So every time my mother would help me with something I would go: ‘Annie doet dat’ ( or Annie does that)

I hope you liked reading this post ! I will put these facts into the ‘Who am I’ section in a short while.

Love, Annie


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